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Pet Belly Bands

If you have a dog that lives inside your house, you probably had to deal with the situations when your male dog marks the territory, or has pee-pee accidents, being a puppy, or a senior dog. In addition, things can be even worse if your dog is hard-to-train when it comes to those “wet things”. Therefore, you need a pet belly bend to protect your house from urine stains and save your furniture and carpets. It will also save your time, which you used to spend on cleaning pet stains. The bands come in numerous sizes, so you will be able to find the perfect size for your dog.

Belly belts for dogs are in fact dog diapers that should be put on the dog, creating a sort of physical barrier between the dog’s urine and your house. Dog belly bands should not be worn all the time, but when your dog stays in the house, so you don’t need to be worried about your dog peeing on the carpet or furniture. But don’t forget to put off the belly belt when you walk your dog outside.

What are Pet Belly Belts made of?

Pet belly belts are made of finest quality 100% cotton and include fiberfill absorbent fabric, which increases liquid absorption potential. The belly bands are comfortable, easy to wear and won’t lead to any chafing or damaging of your dog’s skin. The belts are put on the dog and fastened using a Velcro strip located at the ends of the belt. Wrapping the belt requires no physical effort and if fitted properly, the belt will stay in place for a long time. In addition, it can be adjusted to the size of your pet, even if you have a tiny puppy. In order to adjust the belt properly, we recommend measuring your dog’s belly area.

The pet belly belts are very absorbent, but if you are willing to increase these features even more, you can make use of a feminine pad, inserting it inside the belt. That will allow to retain more urine than when using the belt alone, and you will be able to wash the belt less often. Generally, the belly belts for dogs are reusable and machine-washable. Once the dog belly band is taken off, it is very easy to wash and maintain. It can be easily washed, but don’t forget to fasten the Velcro strip, before washing the belt. In addition, the belt should be stretched a little when wet, to get it into the normal size.

Where can I find a Dog Belly Band?

The dog belts come in so many styles and colors that you will easily select the belt to match your dog’s personality. We recommend buying two belly belts, so that when one is dirty, it could be cleaned and the other used.

In case you are good at sewing you may do a dog belly belt on your own. In this case you will need two Velcro strips, piece of flannel cloth, feminine pad and your dog measurements.

Belly bands can free your mind from worries about your dog’s pee-pee accidents while you are not home, and are simply an amazing solution for any dog’s urinating problems.

How to Use a Belly Band for a Dog